Fernando Fernandez foto

Hello! My name is Fernando and I am from Seville, Spain. More than 4 years ago I moved to Kraków and this is the place I live now. First 8 years of my life I lived in Barcelona, then after school time in Seville, I moved to Madrid to study Interior Design. Each of these stages has enriched my experience and developed my capacity to adapt. Along this path I have studied art, interior design, photography, graphic design, marketing, web design and SEO. In my professional career I worked as a draftsman in engineering studies, graphic and interior designer, publicist, head of the marketing department, IT specialist, freelancer and Latin dance instructor (I will say some more about it later).

I discovered the world of design in 2004 when I started my interior design studies. Since then I can’t stop seeing design everywhere! I subconsciously analyse the surroundings and identify the solutions used in a project. Distinguishing good designs from the ones that could have been better, became my hobby.

As time went by, my vision of design has changed. I realized that beautiful projects with some practical solutions that I used to do, are not fully satisfying me. So, I started to add an extra factor – personality, that reflects the client’s character… such personalized projects will be actual even in the future! That concept inspired me to investigate possibilities in the world of new technologies that I could use in my projects. At the end… the most important thing – I consider the sustainable and responsible design as our current and future main need. Following Victor Papanek: “Design, if it is too ecologically responsible and socially responsive, must be revolutionary and radical”.

My Skills

Design Programs

Knowledge of the key design, architecture and 3D programs


Collaboration with people is the way to obtain better results


Constant developing and completion of different training courses


Languages Spanish as mother tongue, advanced English and improving my Polish


Always looking for the most original ideas


Your success is part of my responsibility


To be good at what you do, you have to love it!


Working in different sectors helped me to get out of the box and see design from bigger perspective

My Hobbies and Interests

I love to spend my free time with my friends, but I really enjoy it if it comes with some new challenges and goals. That moment when you focus all your attention on one activity, switching off the rest of the world, is precious. Each moment of those has impacted my personality and added a great value into my life. Here are some of my hobbies that I enjoy the most: 

  • Basketball: I started to play when I was 14. This experience showed me the importance of teamwork and thought me how to compete and give my best. Every game feels like the great vacation time.
  • Trekking: That feeling, when you reach the place where you can only get by foot, is priceless! Trekking is that type of adventure that I am always ready for.
  • Latin dances: It’s been more than 8 years from my first salsa and bachata classes and I still believe there is no better way to have some fun when you go out. Dance has changed my life and gave me the opportunity to discover the social part of me. I was enjoying it so much that I decided to teach others… it’s been 4 years now that I am leading dance courses.
  • Climbing: The effort I make to work on my mental and physical improvement while climbing, has taught me to compete with myself, not to give up and to try as many times as needed to achieve the goal.