Intervention in disused public space

Intervencion social en Quiosco abandonado en Madrid


  • 3Ds Max
  • Autocad
  • Photoshop
  • Corel Draw

Project with social character

This project was born in workshops held at the School Of Art 4 in Madrid, which were leaded by the architect – Santiago Cirugeda. The Briefing consisted of locating disused, abandoned spaces, that being in bad condition, were harming the whole area.

Main project’s conditions:

  1. . Take into account the municipal regulations, so the intervention would not be against the low, meanwhile looking for the legal gaps, to be able to run the project on abandoned area.
  2. Minimum budget.
  3. Real improvement – not only visual, but also practical – taking into account the real needs of the area.


The selected place was an old press kiosk, whose owner retired long ago. For being a busy place full of bars and restaurants, different companies were continually sticking advertisements without any control, what deteriorated the image of the area.

The solution that we proposed was to build a structure surrounding the kiosk, but without using it as a support. Materials used in the design of the structure came from recycling or from recovery at a very low price. The goal was to create a structure that would allow advertisers to post their ads, folders and leaflets in an aesthetic manner.

Cases, boxes or leaflet boxes could be freely designed and personalized by advertisers, thanks to this each of them was gaining its own space, and the structure became more orderly and compatible with the environment. As a result, every person interested in cultural events or just looking for promotions in nearby restaurants, could go to the kiosk and review the available offers. The kiosk regained its identity as an information point, and the neighborhood gained an original, aesthetic and area friendly structure.

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