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Design with no personality, has no owner

For me, design is an aesthetic way to fulfil certain needs, but above all, the way to visualize the client’s personality. To be able to do so, I build each project’s fundaments on the knowledge of my client’s passions, interests and taste.    

Some people say…

David Moreno Rangel arquitecto

Fernando has collaborated with me on some architecture and interior design projects and I have always been surprised by his creativity, seriousness at work, professionalism and desire to learn. With a restless mind and great passion for his work. His designs are characterized by a special sensitivity to environmental, ecological and sustainability issues. Fernando is a person of great creativity and graphic sensitivity.

Surely we will continue doing projects together.

David Moreno Rangel

Architect Director and CEO in Estudio Heliopausa and Doctor in University of Sevilla

Santiago Cirugeda Arquitecto

Fernando and his team carried out a project in the worshops that I taught, where they intervened in a disused public space to turn it into a meeting point, interaction and exchange of knowledge among the neighbors of the neighborhood where they developed their proposal, improving the image and use of the place.

Santiago Cirugeda

Architect Director and CEO in Recetas Urbanas studio

Alfonso Magaz Robain

As a tutor in his PFC, Fernando approached the project with a powerful concept that resulted in an organic and innovative design of renovation of the old theater. The functional and technical aspects were solved in detail in an outstanding way. He has managed to integrate all the information gathered during the career in a brilliant project.

Alfonso Magaz Robaín

Professor in "Escuela Superior de Diseño Arte 4" and Head of Science, Materials and Design Technology Department

Each element means something… always

Graphic Design is a complex language of images, shapes, colours and composition. Key of good design is to use all these elements to convey a clear message and strong identity, which meets the objectives that have been set.